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The Alachua County Housing Authority (ACHA) is dedicated to investigating allegations of suspected fraud by ACHA Public Housing clients, Housing Choice Voucher clients, and landlords receiving federal funds through Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contracts with the ACHA.

What is Fraud?

We define fraud as making false statements or misrepresentations of material facts in order to obtain some benefit or payment for which no entitlement would otherwise exist.

When Fraud is discovered the ACHA may do one or more of the following actions:

1. Require the resident to enter to a repayment agreement to repay the amount in question.
2. Refer the case to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.) for investigation and prosecution. or
3. Terminate the household's rental assistance.

Here are some examples of fraudulent activities:

  • Allowing unauthorized person(s) who are not on your lease, to reside in your rental unit.
  • Certifying that you are not married when you in fact are (failing to report a marriage).
  • Falsifying the number of household members.
  • Knowingly omitting income or assets of the family household.
  • Failing to report seasonal employment.
  • Knowingly under-reporting income/assets of the family household.
  • Obtaining duplicate assistance or subletting all or part of the unit.
  • Landlords charging additional rent from a assisted tenants.

To contact us:
Phone: (352) 372-2549
Fax: (352) 373-4097