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Housing Opportunities with the Alachua County Housing Authority

Public Housing Program: The waiting list is OPEN for four and five bedrooms. When the Public Housing waiting list for one, two and three bedrooms is opened an announcement will be placed in the local newspaper.
Housing Choice Voucher Program: The waiting list is currently CLOSED. When the waiting list is opened, an announcement will be placed in the local newspaper.
HUD VASH: If you are a homeless Veteran interested in the VASH program you must contact your local VA to obtain a referral.
Single Residency Occupancy (SRO): If you are a single working adult interested in the SRO at Sunrise Residence Inn you must contact management, at 2120 SW 14th Street, Gainesville, FL, Phone: (352) 367-2600.
Procedures for Applying for Public Housing
  1. Please call 352-372-2549 or come by the office and request an appointment with a Housing Specialist to submit your application for Public Housing. All household members 18 years of age or older must be present at the appointment to complete the application process.


  2. If you live outside of Alachua County and are interested in applying for Public Housing you must mail in all original required documents signed by ALL adult household members with legible copies of the below requested documents in order to begin processing your application. Required printable application materials can be found at the bottom of this page. (Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned for completion):


    Picture Identification: ALL ADULT Household Members
    Driver's License, State Identification Card, Veterans Administration Card, Passport, and/or Green Card.
    Social Security Card: ALL Household Members
    If the Social Security card is not available, a letter from the Social Security Administration with the SS# will be accepted until you receive your official card.
    Birth Certificates: ALL Household Members

  3. If your household passes the initial screening process your application will be placed on a waiting list by bedroom size and date and time of your application. Availability of Public Housing is determined by vacancies in our existing Public Housing developments.

  4. If you move from the address on the application before you receive a letter from ACHA, it is your responsibility to come in to contact the office with your new address. When your name comes up for placement, an update letter will be mailed. If the letter is returned because of an incorrect address your name will be removed from the waiting list. Once your name has been removed from the waiting list you must re-apply when the waiting list re-opens.

  1. Personal Declaration Form (Signed by ALL Adult Members)
  2. 504 Questionnaire Special Unit Requirements (Filled out and Signed by Head of Household)
  3. Form HUD-9886, Authorization for the Release of Information (Signed by ALL Adult Members)
  4. Declaration of Citizenship Form (a form must be completed for each member)
  5. Tenant Certification Form (a form must be signed by each ADULT member)
  6. Criminal History Authorization (a form must be signed by each ADULT member)
  7. Consumer Report Authorization (a form must be signed by each ADULT member)